Andy Goodman Event Marketing Campaign


The Challenge: Attracting enough attendees

Colorado Nonprofit Association came to us because they had a big task ahead of them – to fill a room with 300 attendees for the “Change the Story, Change the World” event with Andy Goodman. Typically, the events in their Leadership Development Series would attract approximately 75 participants. So they knew they had a gap to fill.

They were confident they had a great product – a 3-hour workshop on the hot topic of storytelling with a nationally known speaker, Andy Goodman. They knew they had a great price point thanks to the generous sponsorship from US Bank. But no one from their team was a trained marketing professional, so they believed that piece – how to effectively promote this event and guarantee all the seats would be filled – was missing.

We were happy to serve as the marketing sponsor for the event, and fill that role!



Comprehensive marketing campaign process, taught step by step

We not only gave the Colorado Nonprofit Association team an effective marketing campaign with wildly successful results, we lead them through our process, step-by-step, teaching them along the way.

“We were looking for Up and Up Creative not only to help us with the marketing, but to teach us as well. And that’s exactly what happened.We immediately started applying what we learned to other areas of our work. It has been an incredibly valuable experience.”

– Londell Jackson, Director of Education and Programs, Colorado Nonprofit Association


Ingredients of a successful campaign

Discovery: We got to the core of what our audience is looking for – and what they were likely hesitant about. From there, we flushed out the true benefit of the session and how the attendees would be able to apply this training to their work right way.

Strategy: We wrapped everything we learned into targeted, audience-centric messaging and wrote an integrated marketing plan.

Implementation: We developed an eye-catching look and feel for the event that we used consistently through all audience touch points. And we were very intentional about the marketing campaign – taking a phased approach with four total phases.

For a how-to guide on this step-by-step process, and further insight into the details of this campaign, read this.








Unmatched results!

It turned out to be an incredibly successful campaign. Not only did we attract 4 TIMES the typical number attendees, we SOLD OUT 4 weeks early — something that had never happened before! The team was ecstatic.

“We’ve never had results like this before! Partnering with Up and Up Creative to craft compelling messaging, put together a proper marketing plan, and design beautifully consistent materials made such a huge difference.”

– Eileen Anderson, Director of Development and Marketing, Colorado Nonprofit Association


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