5 Messaging Mistakes to Avoid

5 Messaging Mistakes to Avoid

Your organization can only make an impact when people connect with your story. All too often nonprofits are missing out on opportunities to truly engage with donors, volunteers and other supporters because of these common messaging mistakes.


Not speaking to your audience

It is important to position your messaging from an external focus of “What does our audience care about?” opposed to the internal focus of “What do we want them to know.” When you write for your audience, you are able to provide valuable content they care about and connect with them on a personal level. And when you use benefit statements that explain how your organization directly serves your audiences needs, concerns and interests, it will not only engage them but will help drive them to take action because they see a clear benefit.


Not communicating the big picture

It”s easy to get so wrapped up in talking about your individual programs that you can forget to step back and explain the bigger picture. Make sure you are thinking in levels of communication and starting with an explanation of your organization, mission and impact as a whole before you jump into explaining your programs.


Trying to say too much at one time

When you try to accomplish everything with one communication piece, you will likely achieve nothing. Your audience is either overwhelmed with the amount of content and won”t read anything, or too many calls to action cause confusion and they end up doing nothing. The most successful pieces have specific goals and tailored messages for a single audience with a clear call to action.


Overpromising messaging

While it might be tempting to stretch the truth a bit when talking to donors about your impact, don”t do it. Trust and transparency of the nonprofit are two of the most important factors when it comes to a donor”s decision to give to an organization. When you use lofty, overpromising messaging it makes it hard for you to meet your audience”s expectations and will ultimately hurt your organization.


Inconsistent messaging

It”s an old marketing adage, but it”s true, your audiences need to hear your message seven times before it can make an impact. If your messaging keeps changing, you”ll never gain the recognition and support you need. So make sure your message is consistent from your website all the way through to how your staff and board is talking about your organization.

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Jami Fassett

Jami Fassett

I am a brand strategist passionate about using my time, talent and 12 years of experience to help people and communities. That is why I started Up and Up Creative, to help nonprofits use the power of branding to reach more people, raise more money and do more good.

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