Print Collateral

Once we have completed the discovery and strategy phase, and have a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be, these are some of the potential pieces we will develop to help you get there.

Although the importance of an online presence is undeniable, there is still a need to pair it with printed collateral. The personal connection that forms when someone can touch and feel a printed piece in their hands is something that is lost online. And it’s heightened even more if the piece is a unique shape or size with a memorable print technique or paper stock.

Stationery Packages

Business card, letterhead, envelopes, mailing label, notecard and notepad, all of the things that make up a standard stationery package. We can customize by scaling the package up or down based on what your organization needs. What about electronic letterhead and email signature, you ask? Yep, we can do that too!



Whether you need an overview piece or a pamphlet for a specific program, we can design them all and make sure they work together as a cohesive system with the proper hierarchy.



Sometimes a simple flyer rather than a full brochure is all that is required for some events or programs. It may be tempting to throw something together on your own, but it’s important to remember that all materials that reach your audience are a reflection of your organization. Cohesive, consistent branding and messaging are key. We can usually put together a well-branded flyer quite efficiently, which looks great, is affordable and saves you a lot of headache. It’s a win-win. In certain cases, a flyer template may be in order. We can talk about that too.


Annual reports, magazines, newsletters, briefs and more, the challenge is always a question of how to take pages of copy and design them in a way that makes your audience actually want to read it. It’s a challenge that we love conquering each time! We have years of experience designing to various shapes and sizes and know what it takes to create an effective piece at an affordable price.


Print Advertising

Whether you need a full-blown print campaign or a donor ad for the Denver Business Journal’s Giving Guide, we can help. A good campaign starts with a strong idea and great copy. We’ve got you covered.


Tradeshow Graphics

From table-top displays to retractable banner stands and table banners to full environment graphics, we have done them all. We understand the delicate balance of copy and imagery that makes an oversized display successful.


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