We acknowledge that sometimes in order to find that happy balance between professional branding and convenient, affordable solutions for your organization, a template or two may be just the answer. Each template would be specifically designed and built for your specific needs and be in-brand with the rest of your materials.

Word Templates

Whether it’s electronic stationery or something more specific, it’s important that everyone within your organization are using the same template with a consistent logo placement, fonts and colors. Did we ever imagine that as designers, we would one day be Microsoft Word experts? Heck no. But are we glad we’ve learned how to tame the beast? Definitely. Let us use our expertise to help you.


PowerPoint Templates

Considering both your internal and external audience, we can develop one or more templates that will be easy to use and make your presentations look both interesting and professional. We understand the ins and outs of how to set up a template so that your team can hit the ground running with consistent fonts, colors and imagery.

Email Newsletter Templates

Email newsletters can serve as an effective, low-cost way for you to stay in touch with your audience. But with the average business person receiving upwards of 100 emails a day, you need to make sure yours will be noticed. We can develop a well-branded template that is simple for your team update and send for each edition.


Flyer Templates

There may be times when a simple flyer template is the best solution for your internal team to produce well-branded materials conveniently and affordably. We can make recommendations based on your specific needs and the software you have available to you.


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