Branding Services

Insight & Strategy

We believe that in order to create effective design and marketing materials, we need to have a clear understanding of your organization, so we always start with research. We gain a clear understanding of your organization’s vision, mission, goals, strengths and challenges. We take the time to understand your audience and the other organizations that you may compete or collaborate with. Then we use this insight to develop a brief that gets everyone on the same page and serves as our foundation that educates all design and marketing projects.


Naming an organization can be one of the most challenging tasks, so let us help you. A good name is one that speaks to your core values, is easy to read, easy to say, easy to remember, and have an available URL. We have a process to produce several on-target options for you to choose from.

Logo Design

As the cornerstone of your brand, your logo gives your audience it’s first impression of your organization. We make sure that it’s a good one. All logo options presented will be developed based on the key insights learned during our initial research phase.

Look & Feel

The key to a well-recognized brand is a cohesive look and feel. We will develop a unique look for your organization by defining fonts, color palette, imagery style and unique brand elements that resonates with the emotional characteristics your brand needs to portray. Then we consistently use this look and feel across all of your materials whether in print, online, email or social media.


We can design the most beautiful collateral, but if it’s not saying the right thing for your specific audience, it can fail. We work with top-notch copywriters to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

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