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The challenge

Center for ReSource Conservation came to us during an exciting yet delicate transition. They were moving from a set of relatively independent programs to a more unified, integrated, and strategic framework under the umbrella of CRC. The organization and two of its signature programs each had their own brands and websites.

Original Websites: ReSource Homepage (left), Main CRC Homepage (center), Garden In a Box Homepage (right)

They were looking to create a more modern, integrated website that would serve as a valuable “first stop” for more information about CRC and its programs. They needed to be able to update it frequently, and make better use of their most visible and flexible marketing tool.


We started with a lot of listening

As always, we started with an in-depth discovery process to ensure we developed a solution for the website that would meet all of the organization’s goals. We asked questions, we listened, we made suggestions, and we listened some more. In the end, we presented them with a 19-page comprehensive website plan that served as a robust roadmap for the project.

“Up & Up really has the discovery part dialed in. They asked questions a lot longer than others, and they were there supporting, checking in and making suggestions. It made a huge difference in the quality of the work. It was an amazing experience, truly.”

– Anne Tengler, Director of Marketing


A very flexible homepage

Understanding that they have several different programs that run on a seasonal basis, we developed a very flexible solution for the homepage. They can have anywhere from 3 to 5 marketing boxes in the main header area to drive traffic to specific programs that are “in season.” It was developed to be easy for the internal staff to update, which helps them keep their website fresh for their audience.



Mega menu for mega impact

Including a mega menu helped us accomplish three major goals:

  1. Highlight, at a glance, the organization’s three areas of focus in conservation: Save Water, Reuse, and Engage Youth.
  2. Help those who used the original sites to easily find their familiar program by name.
  3. Direct traffic to appropriate pages for homeowners vs. business owners.


A special focus on program pages

Originally having three websites instead of one brought some unique challenges to the project. Part of the solution was giving special attention to the individual main program pages. We intentionally designed these to look like a homepage, which gave them a proper amount of focus. This also made for a smoother transition for those who were using an old URL and were redirected to the new, fully integrated site. NOTE: The URLs from the three old sites will continue to be redirected to the new site for at least a year to ensure that no traffic is lost.


Impact, impact everywhere

We understand that in order to attract supporters, we need to make it easy for them to immediately understand the impact of your organization. This component was missing from the original site. The new site highlights the organization’s conservation impact at every corner.

There is a full Impact page highlighted in the main navigation that gives donors the high-level overview about the impact of each program.


There are also additional impact facts on each main program page.


The use of bright colors and numbers that count up from zero as you scroll brings emphasis and visual interest to these areas.


A fully integrated and engaging donation page

The original site sent donors to a third party site, which we know will lose dollars for any organization. (This study reported that an integrated, branded donation page raises 6 times more dollars than generic giving pages.)

Not only is the new donation page fully integrated, we added a very engaging element.


The audience gets a chance to see what impact their dollars will have on their community. When you click on the buttons for the various dollar amounts, the photo and the text in the blue box changes accordingly.

  • Your $50 Gift Saves 2,900 Gallons Of Water – the equivalent of 104 showers!
  • Your $75 Gift Eliminates 162 Lbs Of CO2 — the same as the CO2 captured by 3 trees in a year!
  • Your $125 Gift Diverts 700 Lbs From Landfills — like keeping 71,000 Styrofoam cups out of the trash!
  • Your $250 Gift provides an entire primary school grade with sustainability curricula and equipment!


Creating bridges between programs

CRC knew that they were missing a huge opportunity. Most of their audience only knew about one program. We addressed this in several ways. The mega menu (mentioned above) took large strides.

We also created a flexible marketing box system for placement in the sidebar of each program page to help connect viewers to other programs.


We also implemented a Water Eligibility Quiz, so that residents could easily see, at a glance, which water conservation programs were available to them through their specific water utility provider.


Make shopping easy = more dollars raised

A significant portion of the organization’s revenue comes from sales from their Garden In A Box program. The original shopping cart functionality was difficult for both users and internal staff. We seamlessly integrated an e-commerce site into the Garden In A Box program pages, complete with beautiful imagery and cross-selling opportunities for multiple gardens and accessories. This new solution is a dream for both the user and the internal staff.




The results

“Our customers and stakeholders are continually telling us that they appreciate the clarity of our updated messaging and the overall ease of use of our new site.  Thanks to Up and Up Creative, we are able to better communicate our offerings and impact in the community.”

– Michelle Barnes, Interim Executive Director


A side of tasty stats

When you compare the first three months after the launch (December 2014–February 2015) to that same period for the previous year (December 2013–February 2014), we find some outstanding results!



Sessions increased by an impressive 91% (10,212 to 19,548). The sessions statistic essentially indicates each time someone visited the site, regardless of how many pages they visited, or whether or not they were new to the site.


Users went up by an amazing 98% (6,702 to 13,268). The users data signifies the number of unique users to the site in the given time period.


And the most impressive stat – pageviews increased by a whopping 145% (21,304 to 52,175)! Pageviews count every time a page on the site was loaded.

Reduced Phone Calls

Last year they were receiving 20-40 phone calls per day. With the reorganization of the website and placing less emphasis on the phone number they are now only receiving about 5 phone calls per day.


Looking to see these results for your organization?

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