7 Tips for Your Online Donation Page


Online giving continues to grow. According to the Charitable Giving Reports from Blackbaud, online giving grew by 8.9% in 2014, which is on top of 13.5% year-over-year growth in 2013.

With this growth comes the importance of optimizing your online donation page. We’ve put together seven tips to help give you guidance as you evaluate or modify your own donation page.


1. Branded Donation Pages Raise More

According to the Network For Good Digital Giving Index, branding giving pages raised 6 times more dollars than generic or third-party giving pages. Let that soak in a minute… 6 times!



A branded donation page is one that looks and feels like it’s part of the rest of your website. It includes not only your logo, but other elements of your visual brand – colors, fonts, images, etc. This helps your donor feel more comfortable when giving, because they trust they are in the right place.


2. Tell a Story

Donors want to know what impact they will have with their donation. It not only gives them confidence in your organization, but it also makes them feel good. So give them warm fuzzies, and use photos when you can. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and it creates a stronger emotional connection.

Check out this example from a donation page we created for one of our clients, Center for ReSource Conservation.



The audience can easily see what difference they will make in their community by giving.

  • Your $50 Gift Saves 2,900 Gallons Of Water – the equivalent of 104 showers!
  • Your $75 Gift Eliminates 162 Lbs Of CO2 — the same as the CO2 captured by 3 trees in a year!
  • Your $125 Gift Diverts 700 Lbs From Landfills — like keeping 71,000 Styrofoam cups out of the trash!
  • Your $250 Gift provides an entire primary school grade with sustainability curricula and equipment!


3. Suggest Giving Levels

Research has shown that by suggesting giving amounts you will increase your average online gift size. And take this a step further by highlighting the target donation amount you’d like from the majority of your donors.

You can see how we took this approach with the Center for ReSource Conservation example above.


4. Mobile-Friendly is a Must

More and more people are using their phones and tablets to view your website. In fact, the scales have tipped, and now more than half of all Internet traffic originates from a mobile device. A recent Google study reported that 25% of donors made a donation from their mobile device. Despite this fact, a whopping  84% of nonprofit organizations have not made their donation pages mobile-friendly (according to a report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy).



5. List Alternate Options

Provide alternate ways and methods for individuals to donate. Make it easy to support your cause.


6. Encourage People to Give Monthly

One of the easiest ways to increase your overall giving is to transition one-time donors to monthly donors. So make it easy for them by including that as a one-click option on your donation form. Ask and you shall receive.


7. Keep it Simple

We can’t stress this one enough. Fight the temptation to ask them for all the information you want, and rather ask only for what you need. The shorter the form, the more likely they are to actually fill it out and give. This is due to a combination of both the time it will take to fill out, and their comfort level with the information you are asking them to share. So keep the number of fields, especially those that are required, to a minimum.


Get Help

Ready to optimize your website and donation page? One that helps you raise more money? We would love to help. Contact us to get started.

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