Maximize Your Event Promotion Materials

Maximize Your Event Promotion Materials

Events are a great way to build awareness for your cause, raise money and build lasting relationships with supporters and partners, but your event can only be a success if people know about it and actually attend. Promotion of your event should incorporate an integrated, cohesively designed campaign that includes a Save the Date, printed invitation, email blasts, social media posts, word of mouth and more.

Your event promotion materials are more than a delivery method to communicate the date and time of the event. They set the stage for the experience and quality of the event. If the event materials aren’t quality, what does that say about your organization or the event?  A strategic and creative invitation package that is well designed can make all the difference by helping you to:

1. Attract sponsors.

Let’s be honest, why do corporations want to sponsor your event? To get brand recognition and awareness. It’s an opportunity to tie their name to a good cause. When you have well designed materials it will elevate your event and attract more or larger sponsors. The quality of your event materials will impact your sponsor’s decision, and if investing in good design can help you to obtain additional sponsors to not only cover the cost of the design, but help you to gain three more potential sponsors, wouldn’t it be worth it? We think so!

2. Increase attendance.

Like we’ve said, your invitation materials communicate more than the date and time of your event, they set the stage for the experience they are signing up for. Your invitation is an opportunity to engage your audiences and create excitement about your event. It’s our goal to help our clients create an experience for the recipients as they are opening the invitation that embodies the theme of the event and makes them feel like it’s an event they can’t miss! Well-designed invitation materials will help you convert those noncommittal invitees into RSVP’s.

3. Increase donations.

The reality is that not everyone who receives your invitation will be able to attend. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on potential donations. By designing a well thought out regret and congrats card you are maximizing this opportunity to receive donations from those who are not able to attend your event.

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Chad Scroggins

Chad Scroggins

Chad Scroggins brings over ten years of experience as a designer to Up and Up Creative with a focus on brand strategy and a desire to bring unique designs to each project.

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