3 Nonprofit Branding Myths

3 Nonprofit Branding Myths

Myth #1: Nonprofits do not have brands

At the highest level, your brand is defined by what people think and feel about your organization. So every organization has a brand, whether good or bad. There are several things you can do and create to help influence and define your brand.

As a nonprofit, your organization”s brand is one of its most important assets and a valuable tool in helping your organization fulfill its mission. It”s more than a logo and your website. It”s your organization”s promise; it”s your story. Your brand communicates who you are, what you do and why it matters. It”s a means in which for you to connect with your community and supporters to help you achieve your goals, whether it”s to build awareness for your cause, recruit more volunteers or increase donations.

Myth #2: Focusing on your organization”s brand takes away from the work being done and will debase your mission

When done right, your brand should align with your organization”s mission and core values. A brand that is truly representative of your organization and the good it is trying to do in the world, will help you to gain visibility and allow your organization to better serve its mission. Your organization isn”t “selling out” by investing in your brand and taking pride in its story, it is a means to help you further your reach and make a greater impact.

Myth #3: Nonprofits with strong brands are bullies

Just because your organization has a strong brand, doesn”t mean it won”t play well with others. Partnerships are important in the nonprofit industry and organizations with a strong brand tend to have greater visibility, which opens up the possibilities for collaboration and partnerships and access to more resources and support, benefiting all involved in the partnership.

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Chad Scroggins

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