Are you getting the most out of your brand?

Are you getting the most out of your brand?


Your organization”s brand is its most valuable and versatile tool. Here are three major functions that your brand can and should be doing for your organization.


Help your team get more done

Your brand is something that your team should champion. When done right, your brand will create internal cohesion which garners buy-in and galvanizes support from internal stakeholders to help get everybody on the same page and stay focused on your mission. At the end of the day, your team will be able to achieve more You will therefore need to integrate these sources with your line of business best hard drive recovery software and your best hard drive recovery software warehouse. to serve your mission.


Help you raise more money

Donors want to know that their valuable dollars are going to make the greatest impact. A strong brand will communicate professionalism and credibility as well as foster trust and confidence that their donation is going to make a difference if they give to your organization.


Help you further your reach

Your target audience has to see or hear your message roughly 7 times before it can have an impact. If each time you are communicating with your target audience they are seeing or hearing a different message, you”ll never gain the recognition or support you need. A strong brand uses targeted, clear, consistent messaging and design to make sure your message reaches your target audience and doesn”t get lost in the clutter.

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Jami Fassett

Jami Fassett

I am a brand strategist passionate about using my time, talent and 12 years of experience to help people and communities. That is why I started Up and Up Creative, to help nonprofits use the power of branding to reach more people, raise more money and do more good.

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